First Post

Over the past decade, there has been a proliferation of literary writing by people with disabilities.  Small literary magazines such as Kaleidoscope, Breath and Shadow, Pentimento, and Wordgathering continue to provide venues dedicated to disability-related writing; even the mainstream Poetry magazine dedicated a portion of its December 2014 issue to a round table by noted poets with disabilities. A large enough body of disability literature has amassed that professionally published anthologies such as John Lee Clark’s Deaf Lit Extravaganza, Raymond Luczak’s QDA, and Kathryn Allen’s upcoming Accessing the Future are possible. Poetry Festivals including Split this Rock and the Dodge Poetry Festival are going out of their way to seek out poets with disabilities and even large conferences like AWP and MLA are leaving the door (well, it’s tricky you see, even unnecessarily complicated…some might even say cold) ever so slightly ajar to allow for panels and readings of writers with disability to trickle…trickle…trickle in.

Which brings us to here. And to now.

What do you have to say that should be heard or read or seen? What information do you have that should be passed around like a delicious lie, a horrible little secret, a virtual scry?

Let us know…that is why we are here.

First Post

2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. I wish I could be at AWP this year. Sigh.

    Meanwhile, I have no links to point to but I do have a wish: that we see literature where those with disabilities are simply people. I’m less interested in polemic than in transmutation: the turning of the Other into the Norm.

    Meanwhile, I’m very glad to see this website!


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