Dis Lit Reading

Those who stop by to browse and buy at the Dis Lit Consortium booth at AWP this year should also think about stopping by to hear the reading the consortium will be sponsoring in connection with our booth.

We have some exciting readers lined up including Jim Ferris (author of The Hospital Poems – perhaps the first best-selling book of disability poetry), Sheila Black (selected by poet U. S. laureate Philip Levine’s choices for the Witter Bynner award in 2012) and poet Cali Linfor (reading from The Book of Ugly Things.)  The reading will take place at Mercado La Paloma, Thursday, March 31 at 6:30.

Dis Lit Reading

DLC @ AWP 2016

Here is a partial list of books which will be featured at our table…booth. Yes booth:

DiPietra, Amber and Denise Leto – Waveform (poetry)
Dolmage, Jay – Disability Rhetoric (disability studies)
Edmunds, Catherine – Bacchus Wynde(novel)
Gill, Lisa – Caput Nil (poetry)
Griffith, Nicola – And Now We are Going to Have a Party (mixed media / memoir)
Hill, Donna W. – The Heart of Applebutter Hill (YA novel)
Krizek, Ed – Colors of the Mind (novel)
                     – Afterlife  (short stories)
                     – What Lay Ahead (poetry)
Simon, Rachel – Riding the Bus With My Sister (memoir)
                             – The Story of a Beautiful Girl (novel)
Todd, Tracy and Sean Mahoney – Something on Our Minds (Vol. 2-3), (mixed genre)
Whiteacre, Liz – Hit the Ground (poetry)
Wing, Avra – After Isaac (YA novel)
Wolfe, Kathi – The Uppity Blind Girl Poems (poetry)
Just a teaser list. Trust me…there is a bunch more.
DLC @ AWP 2016