DLC @ AWP 2016

Here is a partial list of books which will be featured at our table…booth. Yes booth:

DiPietra, Amber and Denise Leto – Waveform (poetry)
Dolmage, Jay – Disability Rhetoric (disability studies)
Edmunds, Catherine – Bacchus Wynde(novel)
Gill, Lisa – Caput Nil (poetry)
Griffith, Nicola – And Now We are Going to Have a Party (mixed media / memoir)
Hill, Donna W. – The Heart of Applebutter Hill (YA novel)
Krizek, Ed – Colors of the Mind (novel)
                     – Afterlife  (short stories)
                     – What Lay Ahead (poetry)
Simon, Rachel – Riding the Bus With My Sister (memoir)
                             – The Story of a Beautiful Girl (novel)
Todd, Tracy and Sean Mahoney – Something on Our Minds (Vol. 2-3), (mixed genre)
Whiteacre, Liz – Hit the Ground (poetry)
Wing, Avra – After Isaac (YA novel)
Wolfe, Kathi – The Uppity Blind Girl Poems (poetry)
Just a teaser list. Trust me…there is a bunch more.
DLC @ AWP 2016

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