Disability Caucus at AWP

AWP conference attendees who stop by the Disability Literature Consortium or attend the exciting reading of disability literature authors on the evening of Thursday, March 31, should also seriously consider attending the Disabilities Caucus meeting from 6-7:15 PM on Friday, April 1.

As many of you know, disabled writers had a difficult time being represented in the panel discussions, presentations and readings at AWP this year, as well as having requests for accommodations for those who attend being taken seriously. The disability caucus was formed to address these issues. The caucus describes the purpose of the caucus this way:

“The Disability Caucus will allow for disabled individuals to network and discuss common challenges related to identity, writing, and teaching while professionally leading a literary life. We aim to archive our interests, challenges, and concerns in order to increase our visibility and emphasize our importance to this organization, along with our social and creative significance to the academic and literary communities where we live, teach, and work.”

The caucus is lead by dynamic leaders like Sheila Black, Meg Day, Jennifer Bartlett, Ellen McGrath Smith, and Jillian Weise. It should be a wonderful event.

Disability Caucus at AWP

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