Jillian’s Tips for AWP Writers

Jillian Weise, author of the poetry collection The Amputees Guide to Sex and the satiric novel The Colony – both of which will be at the Disability Literature Consortium booth at the AWP  conference – has been on prior panels at AWP, but this year as a response to the rejection of all disability panel proposals, Jillian has filed a video response.  In her words:

“This year, the biggest conference in my field, AWP (Association of Writers
and Writing Programs), received 1,781 panel proposals, accepted 550 panels,
and rejected all panels focused on disability aesthetic.

In response, I present this video. [It has captions and a transcript. It
shows a woman in a home office with a ridiculous blonde wig and a lap dog.]
Please watch, share, post, tweet, if it resonates.”

Here is link to the video. Jillian Weise Video .   It is only the first in a series that is now up to about six, but if if you like it, tweet it out.


Jillian’s Tips for AWP Writers

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