Dis Lit Books – New Venue

While the Disability Literature Consortium is preparing for its next major event – participation in the Collingswood Book Festival on October 1 – it has also acquired a much more modest but longer term venue for some of its work. This is the Station café in Merchantville, New Jersey run by Eiland Arts.


The Station, as its name implies, is a small converted train depot next to the old train tracks that run through the center of Merchantville, where trains once ran from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. It is now a coffee shop, art studio and gift store that highlights the work of regional artists and authors.

As a first step, Eiland Arts will take on three copies each of the books of ten writers from the consortium.  Sale money from the work of books donated by the authors will be returned to the Dis Lit Consortium and that from regular sales will go to the author. Full disclosure: we’ve front loaded the first placement of books with a heavy emphasis on the donated work.  We’ve done this both to keep costs lower and as a thanks in book exposure to those who donated.   If books move along,  as we hope they will, we will begin to replace more of these with books whose money goes directly to the author.

It’s a small start in the relatively quite village of Merchantville, but it is a great feeling to know that someone can  go into a shop and see so much disability-related literary work in one place.

Dis Lit Books – New Venue

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