Presses The Publish Work by Disabled Writers

As those who recently visited the Disability Literature Consortium both at AWP know, there are a variety of journals that are actively looking for the shorter work of writers with disabilities, but what many disabled writes may not know is that there are also a growing number of small presses where they can submit completed book manuscripts for publication.

Handtype Press – Publisher Raymond Luczak founded this press to promote the writer of Deaf and hearing impaired authors.  It publishes a small, select number of books this year and has published work such as John Lee Clark’s Deaf Lit Extravaganza and Kristen Ringman’s Makara.

Reclamation Press – Reclamation Press is a relatively new press that publishers approximate four books per year.  Publisher Corbett O’Toole says, “We look for disabled writers who have rich and complex stories to tell in both fiction and nonfiction.”

Unrestricted Interest – Unrestricted Interest is part of Chris Martin’s project to foster and publish the work of poets with autism.  The most recent publication is DJ Savarese’s book A Doorknob for an Eye

Finishing Line Press – Though not officially strictly a press for disabled writers, Finishing Line may be the single largest publisher of literary work by writers with disabilities. This is due principally to the work of editor Leah Maines, herself a writer with a disability, who seeks out the work of disabled women poets. This has included work by Ona Gritz, Kathi Wolfe and Liz Whiteacre.

Nine Arches Press – Nine Arches Press may be the go to press for UK writers. Publisher Jane Commane has long supported the work of poets like Markie Burnhope and recently produced Stairs and Whispers, an anthology of poetry by Deaf/disabled authors.

Squares & Rebels – This is another press that is the work of Raymond Luczak, but is dedicated to the work of LGBTQ writers, particularly as they intersect with disability.  Recent publications include Luczak’s own anthology DQA and Kelly Davio’s  It’s Just

Cinco Puntos Press – Though not a disability press per se, Lee and Bobby Byrds press has back two important anthologies Beauty is a Verb and The Right Way to Be Crippled and Naked, and recently published a novel by disability fiction pioneer Anne Finger.



Presses The Publish Work by Disabled Writers

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