New Issues of Five Dis Lit Journals

Now that Spring is here, all of the journals that make up the Disability Literature Consortium have had the chance to put out their first issue. Each is unique in its own way, but all provide opportunities for writers with disabilities and readers interested in what is happening in disability literature. It’s an old saw but true that for writers interested in submitting their work, the best strategy is to take a look at what these journals are publishing. The journals are listed here in order of the length of time they have been in existence, led off by Kaleidoscope, the venerable pioneer that got it all started.

Kaleidoscope – Though the journal includes a wide variety of genres this issue is noteworthy for the amount of disability short fiction that it includes.

Breath and Shadow
– A nice mix of work, featuring many new writers. In this issue, the essay on disability fashion may be the most unique.

– Of particular note in this issue is the review of the movie Deej, and as always, this journal provides the largest variety of book reviews.

Rogue Agent – As usual, this issue is beautifully done, concentrating on art and poetry. It is also exceptional in providing links to important published poems in other journals.

The Deaf Poets Society – very strong in art and poetry, this issue is noteworthy for the publication of global writers.

New Issues of Five Dis Lit Journals

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