Books Reviewed in Dis Lit Journals in the Past Year

In addition to the publication of new literary and art work, one of the services that the journals of the Disability Literature Consortium performs is to review new disability-related books. These are books by disabled writers or that involve concepts of disability and embodiment.

Below is a list of all of the works that have been reviewed by the members of the Dis Lit Consortium – Kaleidoscope, Breath and Shadow, Wordgathering, The Deaf Poets Society and Rogue Agent – that have been reviewed in the past year. The books are categories by literary genre, and listed alphabetically by author. Following each book, is the name and issue of publication in which the review appear. For ease in locating the reviews, at the end of the book lists is a list of the journals and the links to their websites.


Jay Besemer – Chelate [The Deaf Poets Society, January, 2017]
Molly McCully Brown – Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and the Feeble- Minded [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Marlena Chertock On That One-Way Trip to Mars [Rogue Agent, August 2017]
Crumb-sized [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Claudia Cortese – The Wasp Queen [Rogue Agent, October 2017]
Barbara Crooker – Les Fauves[Wordgathering, December 2017]
Melissa Elifterion – Field Guide to Autobiography [Rogue Agent, September 2017]
Jessica Goody – Defense Mechanisms [Breath and Shadow, Fall 2017; Wordgathering, September 2017]
Ona Gritz and Daniel Simpson – Border Songs [Wordgathering, December 2017]
Avery Guess – The Patient Admits [Rogue Agent, February 2018; Wordgathering, December 2017]
Cynthia Hogue – In June, the Labrynth [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Andy Jackson – Music Our Bodies Can’t Hold [Wordgathering, March 2018]
Jenny Johnson – In Full Velvet [Rogue Agent, April 2018]
Camisha Jones – Flare [Rogue Agent, December 2017]
Marie Kane – Beauty You Drive a Hard Bargain [Wordgathering, December 2017]
Jen Karetnick – American Sentencing [Wordgathering, March 2018]
Jill Khoury – Suites for the Modern Dancer [The Deaf Poets Society, August, 2017]
Muriel Leung – Bone Confetti [Rogue Agent, July 2017]
Raymond Luczak – The Kiss of Walt Whitman is Still On My Lips [The Deaf Poets Society, January, 2017]
Shane Neilson – Dysphoria [Wordgathering, December 2017]
Jennifer Jackson Perry – The Feeder [Rogue Agent, June 2017]
DJ Savarese – A Doorknob for an Eye [Wordgathering, December 2017]
ire’ne lara silvo – Blood Sugar Canto [Rogue Agent, June 2017]
Christine Stewart-Nuñez – Bluewords Greening [Wordgathering, December 2017]


Meg Eden – Post High School Reality Quest [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Anne Finger – A Woman, In Bed [Wordgathering, March 2018]
Raymond Luczak – The Kinda Fella I Am [Wordgathering, March 2018]
Kristen Ringman – I Stole You [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Teen Writers of Beacon House – The Day Tajon Got Shot [Wordgathering, December 2017]
Kristen Witucki – Outside Myself [Wordgathering, March 2018]

    Memoir and Essay (Non-fiction)

Shahd Alshammari – Notes on the Flesh [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Anne Chiappettta – Follow Your Dog [Wordgathering, March 2018]
Eli Claire – Brilliant Imperfection [The Deaf Poets Society, August, 2017; Wordgathering, September 2017]
Christina Crosby – A Body Undone [The Deaf Poets Society, May, 2017]
Kelly Davio – It’s Just Nerves [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Michael Fredericks and Susan Silver – A Doctor’s Confession [Breath and Shadow, Fall 2017]
Kenny Fries – In the Province of the Gods [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Rosemarie Garland Thomson – Extraordinary Bodies [Breath and Shadow, Summer 2017; Wordgathering, September 2017]


Sandra Alland, Khaironi Barokka and Daniel Sluman – Stairs and Whispers: D/Disabled Poets Write Back [Wordgathering, September 2017]
Sheila Black, Michael Northen and Annabelle Hayse – The Right Way to Be Crippled and Naked: The Fiction of Disability [Breath and Shadow, Spring 2017; Deaf Poets Society, May, 2017; Kaleidoscope, Winter 2017]
Christopher Jon Heuer – Tripping the Tale Fantastic: Weird Fiction by Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers [Breath and Shadow, Fall 2017; Wordgathering, September 2017]
Heather Taylor Johnson – Shaping The Fractured Self: Poetry of Chronic Illness and Pain[Wordgathering, March 2018]
Chris Kuell – Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow Breath and Shadow, Fall 2017]

Breath and Shadow,
The Deaf Poets Society,
Rogue Agent,

Books Reviewed in Dis Lit Journals in the Past Year

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